• Staging

  • De-cluttering

  • Organizing

  • Re-design

  • Vacant & Occupied Properties


We will work with your existing furniture, or provide furniture for the best layout. Use just the right accessories to show your homes best use of space, flow, and architectural detail. Buyers will see themselves living in a clean, clutter-free, comfortable environment.

We can help pack-up unneeded items to show more space and organization. Make your closets and pantry a place to show how your home has adequate storage, and will be an ease to keep organized


To  help buyers see themselves in your house we need to edit extra furnishings, accessories, and depersonalize. This will set the stage for the new owners and get you on your way to your next home.

Using your furnishings and accessories we can redesign your home for a totally new look. We can  also add some new pieces to give a fresh new look for you to enjoy your re-designed space.